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October 27, 20233 min read

Celebrating Culture, Building Unity: Hispanic Heritage Month at A3 Visual

Between September 15 and October 15, communities across the nation celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, paying tribute to the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. At A3 Visual, we recognize that our strength lies in our diversity, and we dedicated the entire month to honor and explore the Hispanic heritage that enriches our team's dynamics. Through a series of heartfelt social media posts, our team members shared their personal stories, shedding light on the varied and vibrant cultures that contribute to our collective identity.


Raquel Navarro: Embracing Cultural Roots and Community




Our celebration kicked off with a deeply personal narrative from one of our valued team members, Raquel Navarro. Raquel's pride in her Latina heritage shines through as she discusses her roots in Durango, Mexico, and the profound influence of her grandfather, a respected farmer known for his generosity and love for community gatherings. Her story underscores the beauty and warmth of Hispanic culture — the love, the emphasis on family, and the joy found in preparing and sharing traditional meals.

Raquel carries these values into her role in Human Resources at A3 Visual, striving to foster an environment of respect and camaraderie. She brings people together, much like her family did, around delicious dishes, particularly her favorite, Asado de Puerco. Her story was not only a tribute to her heritage but also an illustration of how cultural traditions continue to thrive and bring joy to those around them.

See the Raquel's Asado de Puerco here:


Edelin Gavilan: Infusing Work with Cuban Rhythms and Positivity




Our commitment to highlighting diverse voices led us to another inspiring story from Edelin Gavilan. Born in Güines, Cuba, Edelin carries her Latina identity as a badge of honor, reflecting the uniqueness and irreplaceability of her cultural background. She brought the vibrant Cuban culture into the spotlight, sharing its rich artistic, literary, and especially musical traditions with our online community.

For Edelin, the iconic Cuban singer Celia Cruz symbolizes pride and freedom for Latin women worldwide. She shared how the positive themes in Celia's music, particularly the song "La Vida es un Carnaval," apply to professional life, advocating a focus on positivity and strong interpersonal relationships. This cultural wisdom enhances the workplace environment, contributing to a team dynamic built on mutual respect and understanding.

Learn more about Celia Cruz here:


David Gonzalez: Upholding Family Legacy and Multicultural Inspirations




Continuing our journey through Hispanic Heritage Month, we turned to a story of legacy and inspiration from our colleague, David. He recounted the remarkable life of his grandfather, Don Bonifacio Gonzalez, who emigrated from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and established one of the first birrierias in the United States. This tale of family tradition, perseverance, and entrepreneurship resonated deeply with our team, reminding us of the powerful impact one individual can have on future generations.

David's story highlighted the values gleaned from his grandfather: teamwork, dedication, and most importantly, the preservation of family traditions. These values are not just personal guiding principles; they reflect the larger Hispanic cultural reverence for family, legacy, and community support. David's immersion in the Japanese percussion discipline, taiko, further represents the blending of cultural influences, shaping his approach to life and work.

To learn more about Don Bonifacio Gonzalez, visit Birrieria De Don Boni's website at:

Honoring Diversity and Unity

As Hispanic Heritage Month progressed, we used our platform to share inspiring stories, showcase influential projects, and acknowledge the profound resilience within the Hispanic community. This period was not just about reflection; it was an active celebration of the diverse cultures, achievements, and contributions that our colleagues bring to the table.

We aim to go beyond formal recognitions, delving into real-life narratives that exhibit the strength found in cultural diversity. These stories, rich with tradition, struggle, and triumph, reiterate our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and heard.