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AVP 40 years
December 7, 20234 min read

Our Unwavering Partnership with the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP)

In the world of professional sports, where every detail matters and presentation is key, a seamless partnership was born between A3 Visual and our friends at the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP). Since 2016, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with the AVP Pro Series, ensuring their events shine as brightly as the athletes themselves.


In 2023 alone, we helped produce three events across locations in California and Illinois. And we’re proud of our team’s unwavering commitment to deliver - anytime, anywhere. From the sun-kissed shores of Hermosa to the storm-touched sands of Manhattan Beach (during Hurricane Hilary), our collaboration with AVP stands as a testament to the importance of consistency, adaptability, and exceptional execution.


From First Spike to Recent Serve


The story of A3 Visual's relationship with AVP is much like a thrilling volleyball match: moments of anticipation, bursts of excitement, and a shared commitment to excellence. From our first collaboration in 2016, our teams recognized the potential of combining AVP's prowess with A3 Visual's production expertise. Since then, we’ve navigated challenges and evolved to ensure that each event is more spectacular than the last.


Our Ability To Deliver Consistency Across Multiple Locations


avp serving professionalAdaptability and consistency are paramount. These aren't just words; they are the foundation upon which we've built our reputation. The events of 2023 served as a brilliant canvas, showcasing our ability to consistently deliver top-tier services across diverse settings.


From the Hermosa Beach Open, to the Manhattan Beach Open, and the AVP Chicago Gold Series, we ensured that every event wore the signature branding of AVP. Though each location presented its unique set of challenges, our team's dedication ensured that our client, AVP, and their fans experienced a uniform quality of print production and installation services.


Consistency in branding is much more than just visual appeal; it's about creating an immersive experience that resonates with attendees regardless of the venue. Whether it's the print signage catching the first rays of sunrise or poll banners fluttering in the evening breeze, each piece speaks of a singular vision and execution that is quintessentially an AVP event.


Through sun and sand, across different beaches and states, our promise remains: top-notch, unmistakable quality, every single time.


Weathering the Storm at AVP Manhattan Beach: Resilience in the Face of Nature


When Hurricane Hilary Met A3 Visual's Craftsmanship

Nature is unpredictable, but for event producers, the show must go on. During the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, Mother Nature decided to put on a spectacle of her own, introducing Hurricane Hilary to the mix. This could have been a moment of chaos; instead, it became a testament to our durable production quality and meticulous installation processes.


Standing Strong Amidst the Storm

hurricane hilary avpWhile rain and wind are natural adversaries to most outdoor installations, our signage stood unyielding, reflecting not just the strength of the material but the dedication of the team behind it. Every piece was crafted with potential adversities in mind, ensuring that no storm could wash away the branding or the experience we promised to deliver.


The 40th Anniversary Banners: More than a Branding Tool

Beyond simple branding, the 40th Anniversary Banners played a crucial protective role during the event. On the inaugural day in Manhattan Beach, they provided VIP’s with shade and provided refuge when the weather took a tumultuous turn, keeping attendees dry during the subsequent rainy days of the tournament. They were a symbol of AVP's storied history and commitment to the game.


Outdoor events often hinge on the whims of weather, having a partner that anticipates, prepares, and delivers becomes invaluable. The AVP Manhattan Beach Open wasn’t just another event; it was a showcase of resilience, preparation, and the power of collaboration in the face of unforeseen challenges.


A Legacy Celebrated: AVP’s 40th Anniversary

40 years avp banner

AVP’s 40th Anniversary Tour isn't just a landmark in the timeline of professional volleyball; it's a celebration of four decades of passion and dedication. As spectators gather to witness the excitement of  beach volleyball, it becomes imperative to ensure the AVP branding resonates with the gravity of this highly anticipated tournament.


A3 Visual's Tribute to Four Decades of Excellence

To honor the legacy of this milestone, we ensured that each tournament location celebrated the 40-year celebration through vibrant branding and signage. It was important that we understood that this tour told the story of AVP as it evolved in the last 40 years. Each sign and banner was a reflection of the rich history of AVP, interwoven with the excitement of competition.


Every Beach Joined The Celebration

Whether it was the iconic Manhattan Beach Open, which AVP has graced 34 times since 1983, or any of the other tour locations, the 40th-anniversary branding was omnipresent. Attendees could feel the legacy in every corner, with visual cues reminding them of the rich tapestry of memories, matches, and milestones that AVP has crafted over the years.


Anniversaries like these are rare gems. Through our branding endeavors, we aimed to encapsulate not just the history but also the emotions, aspirations, and the undying spirit of volleyball. 


avp collaboration and consistency with a3 visual


The Power of Collaboration and Consistency

Through sun, sand, and even storms, our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences is second-to-none. As AVP continues to set the gold standard in professional volleyball, A3 Visual is proud to stand beside them.