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a3visual event execution for wsl us open of surf
December 7, 20233 min read

How Strategic Signage Amplified the WSL US Open of Surf Event Experience

The ocean has always been synonymous with freedom, endless possibilities, and, for surfers, the thrill of riding the perfect wave. It's where chaos meets rhythm. And at the heart of this ballet is the world's largest surf competition, the WSL US Open of Surf (held at the iconic Huntington Beach Pier). But beyond the athletic prowess on display, behind the scenes is an unsung entity that plays a role in the event's success: strategically placed, high-impact visuals. This year, we created said visual elements and partnered with International Merchandising Company, LLC. in delivering print and fabrication event services.

Anytime, Anywhere Excellence


pole-banner-wsl-open-surfEvents like the US Open of Surf don't just demand visual elements; they require excellence, precision, and flexibility. And the dynamic nature of outdoor settings - especially beaches - presents unique challenges. Harsh sunlight, strong winds, corrosive saltwater, and the need for non-obtrusive installations make it essential to have a partner who can deliver under any circumstance.

A3 Visual came into play with our 'anytime, anywhere' approach. Whether the need was micro, for a unique and specific requirement, or an end-to-end solution spanning all the capabilities in our repertoire, we delivered a seamless experience. This adaptability and commitment are what make a single-source partner (like us) invaluable in a complicated event setting.


Strategic Signage: Making Every Square Foot Count


One of the most essential strategies deployed was the placement of sponsorship signage. The goal was two-fold: maximum visibility for sponsors and minimize disruption for athletes. Achieving this delicate balance was no small feat. It involved innovative thinking and a deep understanding of space utilization.


Utilizing the structure of the Huntington Beach pier, our event team implemented a series of sponsorship mesh banners designed to withstand the ocean's wrath while staying anchored and visible. These placements, especially in hard-to-reach spots, ensured continuous sponsor visibility throughout the televised event, contributing to the commercial success vital for sustaining events of this magnitude.



Color and Contrast (Bright Visuals in the Sand)


us-open-of-surfBut what's visibility without impact?

This is where the science of color comes into play. We didn't just provide materials; we focused on painting the canvas of the beach with a multicolor palette. Pole banners, tents, concessions, and signage burst into life with vibrant red, yellow, orange, and blue hues – a calculated contrast against the sandy backdrop.


The creative was rooted in the psychology of color and its influence on perception and attention. In an environment as vast as the beach, with the constant movement of nature and people, these colors served as informational tools and as subconscious guides, drawing eyes towards them.



Brand Elements at Every Visual Angle


podium-with-signageThe result of these concerted efforts was an immersive brand experience. From the moment spectators set foot on Huntington Beach, enticing visuals greeted them. From large signage to pole banners, every visual aspect communicated the epic event, that is the US Open of Surfing.


Our work created a sense of anticipation and belonging, transforming the pier into a realm where every wave ridden was backed by the enveloping narrative of visual branding. Our production ensured that it wasn't just an athletic competition but a holistic experience for everyone.



The Silent Herald of Sporting Triumphs


As the surfers battled the waves, showcasing their skill and athleticism, each visual element curated and installed by A3 Visual stood as a silent custodian of the event's success. This project wasn't just about showcasing sporting prowess; it was a testament to the power of visual communication and creative branding in amplifying the impact of world-class sporting events.


Our WSL US Open of Surf implementation was a carefully choreographed dance between sport and communication.


In this dance, we didn't just lead, we proved that we are the partner to choose when it comes to high-stakes environments demanding excellence.