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a3visual graphics sustainability program
June 12, 20244 min read

Revolutionizing Sustainability With Our Promotional Banner Recycling Program

It's time to introduce our Graphics Recycling Program, designed to reshape the future of environmental sustainability in signage. Traditional PVC banners have long been a recycling issue due to their non-biodegradable composition. Recognizing this environmental challenge, we have a fully recyclable alternative that embraces advanced plastic processing techniques that are green and provide a second life for the plastics we use to create promotions.


Our commitment is to recycle every graphic made with our Phoenix Eco Banner material, leaving no trace in landfills. This process not only reduces waste but also pioneers the creation of innovative 'next-life products.' By choosing our eco-friendly signage, our clients actively participate in reducing the ecological footprint and promoting a cleaner, sustainable environment. Join us at A3 Visual in embracing this change, as we redefine the possibilities of recycling and environmental responsibility.


Graphics Recycling Program Specifications

The essential specifications of our Graphics Recycling Program. 

These are the key features that ensure our banners are both environmentally friendly and superior in quality and usability.


A. 6OZ Polyethylene: Our choice to use 6OZ Polyethylene for the Banner material is crucial for several reasons. This lightweight yet robust material ensures that the banners are easy to handle and install and highly durable. The environmental benefit lies in its more straightforward recycling process compared to heavier materials, which allows for a more efficient and effective reuse in the manufacturing cycle.


B. 100% PVC Free: By designing our banners to be 100% PVC free, we are eliminating the use of Polyvinyl Chloride, a plastic that releases harmful dioxins during production, use, and disposal. PVC is notoriously difficult to recycle and poses significant environmental risks. Our PVC-free banners ensure safer production processes and end-of-life disposal, contributing significantly to environmental health and compliance with stricter regulatory standards.


C. Chlorine-Free: The absence of chlorine in our materials is a critical feature. Chlorine, commonly used in many plastics, can create dioxins when burned and cause extensive environmental damage. By avoiding chlorine, our banners prevent these pollutants from entering the ecosystem, making them much safer for the environment and human health.


D. 100% Recyclable: The fact that our Banners can be 100% recyclable addresses one of the most pressing issues in the signage industry—waste. By ensuring that the banners can be completely reprocessed into new products, we are minimizing landfill use and encouraging a closed-loop system where materials are reused rather than discarded.


E. Excellent Durability & Opacity: Durability and opacity are essential for effective banners. They need to maintain the same level of vibrance as their traditional counterparts. And our materials are designed to excel in both. Durable banners mean a longer life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lessening material use over time. High opacity ensures that the banners deliver clear and vibrant visuals for any advertising or information display, which is critical for their effectiveness in communication. 



Some Ideas For These New Recyclable Banners

These graphics adapt to diverse needs. Here are the top three uses for these new environmentally friendly banners:


1. Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising gains a sustainable edge, as our recycled banners withstand various weather conditions while reducing environmental impact.


b. Banners/POP/Displays

Our banners, POPs, and displays offer eco-friendly promotional solutions without compromising aesthetic appeal or durability.


c. 1-Sided & 2-Sided Print Options

Same as before, right? The flexibility of 1-sided and 2-sided print options caters to different visual requirements, ensuring effective communication and material efficiency.



How It Works: Our Recycling Program Of Transforming Banners (Graphics) Into New Products

Every banner contributes positively to the environment and our communities from creation to rebirth.



Step 1: The Graphic is Produced.

Utilizing eco-friendly printing techniques on our Phoenix Eco Banner material, we craft vibrant, durable graphics with minimal environmental impact.


Step 2: Graphic Used/Installed.

Our expert team installs the graphics where the client needs them (just like a regular execution).


Step 3: Graphic Collected (after Use).

Our efficient removal process ensures that once graphics are no longer needed, they are prepared for recycling without creating waste.


Step 4: Graphic Processed & Recycled.

Advanced plastic processing transforms the used graphics material into raw materials ready to make new products.


Step 5: Graphic Turned Into A New Product.

The recycled materials find new life in products like patio furniture and outdoor decking, helping to foster a circular economy.





Creating Sustainable Events with Compromising High-Quality Standards

You now have the power to host exceptional events while increasing environmental responsibility for those your event represents (it can even be a positive, green marketing opportunity). By choosing our recyclable graphics for your event signage, you invest in top-quality, visually appealing banners that are fully recyclable. 


Make your event leave a lasting impression without leaving a huge mess. 


Build a positive eco-footprint on our planet. Embrace these solutions to demonstrate leadership in sustainability and inspire your attendees through your example(s).


A full breakdown of our sustainability programs:


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