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June 24, 20243 min read

Types of Signage That Are a 'Must' To Make Your Next Event Epic

Captivating an audience's attention is paramount, and the kind of signage employed plays a pivotal role in achieving an epic event. We often try to push the envelope by integrating cutting-edge signage solutions for our projects. From large format printing to ingenious projection mapping, the spectrum of signage utilized is vast and varied. But there's a couple quintessential signage types that are not only instrumental in amplifying the visual appeal of your event but also in ensuring it etches a lasting imprint on your attendees' memories.

Here are three underrated types of signage that can make your next event epic:


1. Get Large-Scale Impressions with Large Format Printing


The significance of visual appeal cannot be overemphasized. Enter large format printing; large format printing emerges as a cornerstone in this visual endeavor. It's about crafting sizable and striking visuals that not only resonate with the event’s theme but also evoke the event team's desired emotional response from the audience. 

A large format execution can transcend conventional boundaries, offering a canvas vast enough to paint a vivid narrative of a brand or event’s message. Through high-resolution prints, meticulous attention to detail, and a palette of vibrant colors, large format printing encapsulates works to make an event memorable and engaging.


2. Master Fabrication: Crafting the Structural Canvas

Fabrication serves as the physical platform upon which the thematic portrayal of an event is displayed. We - as your fabrication team - elevate this functional necessity into an art, carefully crafting structures that not only serve their primary display purposes but also blend seamlessly with the event's ambiance.

One exemplary display of this expertise is seen in the DIRECTV Tunnel Activation project where the fusion of design and structural integrity was key to manifesting the envisioned activation​​.


Our Getting Summer Ready at Delray Beach Market project showcased how tailored fabrication can encapsulate a brand's identity while catering to functional requisites. We created eye-catching signage and displays that not only enhanced the visual appeal but also stood firm against significant impact, illustrating the dual essence of aesthetic allure and structural robustness that fabrication brings to the table​.

The art of fabrication is not just about creating structures; it’s about envisioning and realizing a spatial narrative that accentuates the event's theme, ensuring each structural element resonates with the brand's message and the event’s purpose.


3. Projection Mapping: Painting Reality with Light


Projection mapping is akin to a magician’s wand, capable of transforming mundane surfaces into vibrant canvases of light and imagery. And we feel like we've mastered this art, orchestrating projections that breathe life into events.

Our Let's Glow SF Holiday Projection Mapping Event serves as a testament to this expertise. The city’s façade was metamorphosed into a dazzling display of holiday cheer, encapsulating the spirit of the season through vivid projections.

Also, our “Hueman Homebody” Exhibit showcased how projection mapping can transcend traditional art exhibitions into immersive experiences. The projections melded with the art pieces, created a fluid narrative that guided the audience through a visual journey.

The approach we employ with projection mapping goes beyond mere visual allure. It's about creating a dialogue between the space and the audience, enabling a form of interaction that is both exciting and engaging. Each projection execution employed by our team is meant to craft unforgettable experiences that remain long after the lights dim.


Signage as the Storyteller

Signage serves as a silent yet potent narrator.

It guides attendees through a brand’s story. And large format printing, projection mapping, and uniquely fabricated signage captivates the audience regardless of the event size.

Engage with A3 Visual to transform your event’s signage from mere informational boards to interactive storytelling mediums.