A3 Visual Wins 2022 Out Of This World Experiences Award

Over the past few years, projection mapping and other digitally-driven activations have seen a significant surge in popularity. With guests, attendees, clients, and customers all wanting to be “wowed” by the next biggest thing, immersive technology has only continued to captivate audiences across the globe. 

A3 Visual was recently nominated for LAVNCH’s “Out of This World Experience” Awards. The organization is known throughout the tech industry as a community for like-minded professionals to engage, learn, network and more. LAVNCH [CODE], the brand’s publication arm, is an extension of an already thriving hub designed to showcase today’s most cutting-edge activations and experiential projects. 

A3 Visual was named this year’s “Out of This World Experiences” 2022 winner. We were honored to be nominated alongside so many other awe-inspiring installations.

A3 Visual’s Nominated Projects for the 2022 “Out Of This World Experiences” Awards

This year marked the inaugural LAVNCH [CODE] “Out of This World Experience” Awards, and our team was excited to be included in the list of nominees. Two of our most immersive activations—Downtown San Francisco’s #LetsGlowSF Holiday Event and Ceil Creative Center’s Hueman “Homebody” Exhibit—made the cut as top contenders. In total, 20 installations were featured by LAVNCH with the winning projects being voted on by the public. 

NOMINEE: Downtown San Francisco’s #LetsGlowSF Holiday Event

Billed as the largest projection mapping event in the United States, #LetsGlowSF was a ten-day holiday activation that captivated all those who attended—as well as millions more who tuned in across social media. 

With a series of five minute videos and animated clips expertly projected onto the side of four iconic downtown buildings, the event was designed to help boost business throughout the city. The images featured the work of a number of artists, including Louie Schwartzberg, Amandalynn, Ian Ross, Val Margolin, and many others.

A total of 18 Panasonic 4K laser projectors, each delivering 30,000 vivid and vibrant lumens,  were installed specifically for the event. All projectors were carefully calibrated to deliver a highly realistic and show-stopping experience for those who came together to celebrate the holiday season.


WINNER: Ceil Creative Center’s Hueman “Homebody” Exhibit

Selected as a winner for this year’s LAVNCH [CODE] Awards, Hueman’s “Homebody” Exhibit was hosted at Berkeley’s Ciel Creative Space and made headlines throughout the art and entertainment world. According to LAVNCH’s winning activation announcement, this installation was selected because…

Homebody was a truly dynamic and immersive experience. Translucent floor-to-ceiling installations played with themes of transparency, light, color, and space. Visitors stepped into a full 360 experience, brought to dynamic life by projection mapping and augmented reality activated on smart devices… Hueman’s exhibit was an example of how projection technology can expand possibilities and applications to create an immersive art experience.

Our team at A3 Visual used Epson LightScene and Pro Series 3LCD projectors in the three unique locations throughout the space to produce the desired effect. The exhibit’s lead artist, Hueman, collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow to create a captivating and one of a kind experience. Special thanks to producers Assan Jethmal and Mikey Disko for helping bring this award-winning project to life.

To view more details on the other winners and list of nominees, visit https://lavnch.com/lavnchcode/announcing-the-2022-out-of-this-world-experiences-awards-winners/. View more examples of our work at a3visual.com

Congratulations to all other nominees and fellow OoTWEA winners!