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February 19, 2021 2 min read

COVID-19 Vaccination Centers with A3 Visual

Vaccine rollout efforts are in full effect as both states and organizations are on the lookout for ideal vaccination sites, as well as experienced partners who know how to move quickly to organize the sites and get the public vaccinated as soon as possible.

And in order to be both safe and efficient, many are searching for ways to repurpose existing infrastructure—particularly those that are capable of hosting large crowds. At a time when clear and concise communication is more important than ever, we’re proud to assist vaccine distribution centers across the country.



It’s no secret that state officials are in desperate need of places to administer COVID vaccines. And although there are a growing number of centers in every state, time is of the essence.

With a large amount of print collateral required to fully organize these vaccination sites, a timely turnaround is crucial. That’s why A3 Visual is working closely with a number of large-scale vaccine distribution centers to quickly print, deliver, and install a range of banners, social distancing and safety signage, wayfinding graphics, and other critical items for each specific venue.



Once a site has been selected, our team at A3 Visual will begin the scoping process. Depending on the unique attributes of the selected venue, our in-house team can design, fabricate and produce a series of print materials to completely transform the property. From traditional wayfinding signs to parking garage concrete decal wraps, our installation is focused on helping guests easily and efficiently navigate the property.

This also includes everything from check-in kiosks to registration desks, hand sanitizer stations, queue management barricades, and more. We also provide easily identifiable entrance and exit banners to help guests coming to the location on foot or by vehicle.



In order to accommodate the number of individuals receiving the vaccine, organizations are looking to repurpose their existing infrastructure. Which means… it’s time to get creative.

No matter the venue—whether it be parking lots and garages or sports arenas and convention centers—we design custom-fabricated materials crafted for each individual location. We understand the need to develop an efficient, functional space that’s equipped to direct large volumes of people during a high-demand vaccine rollout.

Need to quickly organize and open a vaccination site? A3 Visual can help. Request a quote today.