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July 21, 20223 min read

Print Graphics for the California State Fair Cannabis Awards

Each summer, Sacramento hosts California’s multi-week state fair. Spanning 17 days, the event is designed to showcase local industries, agriculture, and the diversity of its people. The Fair & Food Festival spans July 15-31, 2022, and welcomes thousands of guests from California and beyond. From competitions to concessions and everything in between, the fair has become a summer highlight for many. 

This year, we worked with Cultivar Brands and the California State Fair Cannabis Awards to produce a variety of custom print banners for the event. Here’s a closer look at the final project. 


About the California State Fair Cannabis Awards

This year, the California State Fair is welcoming cannabis as one of the many agricultural products being judged alongside other local exports, such as beer, wine, olive oil, and cheese. More than 300 submissions were judged and analyzed inside a lab prior to the final awards being presented. Through very intentional positioning and branding, the selected cannabis vendors presented their individual products in a “sophisticated” and “mainstream” way that put the focus on educating the consumer. 

“We’re trying to change the stigma,” says Cultivar Brands co-founder James Leitz, one of the competition’s main organizers. “We’ve been given this amazing platform by the state of California to talk about cannabis in a really smart way.” 



Print Graphics Provided by A3 Visual

Our activation for Cultivar Brands featured dozens of individually printed banners. Measuring anywhere from 48” wide all the way to 552”, these graphics were UV-printed on 13 oz black back vinyl to ensure maximum visibility. These assets were installed throughout the venue, including the main stage backdrop, greenhouse interior, informational banners, and more. 

With such a strong focus on education, it was important that these graphics not only be easy to read but also easy to interpret. Our printing process guaranteed strong legibility of white text against a black background—which is not always an easy task—as well as provided a vibrant color transfer for infographics and other design-first elements. Thanks to a carefully designed events space that helped guide guests through the venue, attendees were able to browse through a vast amount of information without feeling too overwhelmed. 



Trade Show & Conference Graphics by A3 Visual

For any kind of convention center or large scale indoor event, it's crucial that both guests and vendors find the experience valuable.

Guests have a certain set of expectations when it comes to attending trade shows and conferences. From the ease of navigating a new venue to being able to find and access the amenities available to them once they arrive, it’s important to provide them with a first-class experience whenever possible. If you plan to host VIP attendees or offer exclusive on-site programming, you might need to create additional lounges, meeting areas, or other separated sections within your event. Our team can help produce standalone structures or temporary dividers that will help give your venue a sense of space and exclusivity. 

On the flipside, vendors also have an expectation when it comes to attending certain events. Whether that be opportunities for industry networking or the ability to interact with potential customers and clients, tradeshows and conferences provide a hands-on opportunity to put their brand at the forefront. When it came to the California State Fair, Cultivar Brands wanted to leverage the chance to educate the consumer and showcase the true agricultural roots of the cannabis industry—and they did just that.

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