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November 18, 2020 2 min read

Safe Holiday Activations with A3 Visual

While the winter season might look a bit different this year, holiday shopping is well underway. A number of early surveys are projecting holiday sales to increase by 1-1.5% this season despite the pandemic. The rise in sales may not be as considerable as previous years, but stores can still expect large crowds this season. With capacity restraints and safety protocols limiting the numbers of shoppers permitted inside a store at any given time, businesses will have to get creative when it comes to accommodating the crowds.



From social distancing decals placed six feet apart to directional arrows helping guide customers down aisles, A3 Visual can help your business mitigate holiday crowds. These 100% customizable and branded decals can quickly and efficiently transform the flow of customers, reducing any unnecessary exposure as guests navigate the store. 



During a typical holiday season, shoppers are free to roam the store searching for the perfect gift. This year, businesses are looking to streamline the shopping experience. To keep crowds at a minimum, we recommend placing wayfinding signs that point customers in the direction of returns, exchanges, and checkout desks. Whether you opt for a simple A-frame board or more elaborate banners and structures, these signs will help reduce any confusion (and frustration!) as busy shoppers try to make their trips as expedient as possible.



With fewer shoppers choosing to purchase items in store, curbside pickup is often a safe alternative. Whether you are looking for stand-alone or wall-mounted pickup signs, A3 Visual can supply your business with custom graphics and signage to complement the tone of your store. Whether your business faces rain, snow, or shine, these installations are all designed to withstand the outdoors. We can also produce concrete or pavement decals for dedicated curbside pickup parking spaces. 



Depending on local restrictions or CDC guidelines, there might be a limit on the number of customers allowed in your store at a given time. Indoor locations are especially vulnerable to capacity restraints, which puts pressure on large venues like malls and shopping centers. Placing signs near store entryways that list the maximum number of customers allowed is an easy and friendly way to notify customers about capacity limits. 



Outdoor graphics are a wonderful way to increase the comfort and information available to customers. And since many businesses are anticipating longer wait times this holiday season, consider providing a warm and dry tent for customers to wait in line before entering the store. We are proud to offer branded tents, banners, and signs to highlight holiday deals and events. These high-impact graphics can quickly catch the eyes of shoppers all the way from the parking lot, making it easy to identify your store’s entrance. 


From everyone at A3 Visual, we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!