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September 17, 2020 2 min read

Seat Covers for Sports Arenas and Stadiums

At a time when televised and streamed sports are consistently engaging audiences all across the world, there’s never been a better time for advertisers to make a splash. Cable networks and other media channels are reporting historically high viewership turnout—even for sports seasons that had initially been postponed. 

The strong return of sports is a highlight for both sports fans and advertisers as both segments have struggled to connect with the teams and content they depend on. But with stadiums and arenas either at reduced capacity or closed to fans entirely, there’s significantly more real estate available for generating ad revenue. 


Advertisers and sports venues are currently facing a unique opportunity. With media consumption patterns changing drastically over the past few months, advertisers are eagerly searching for ways to get in front of larger audiences. Sports venues, on the other hand, are looking for ways to offset lost ticket sales and subsidize other revenue streams. 

With fewer seats currently being occupied during any given game, arenas and stadiums are opting to install additional advertisements throughout the venue—especially in locations that will appear regularly on television. 

Large banners and seat covers offer a way for advertisers to broadcast their brand, message, or team support to millions of additional viewers. 




Beyond their primary use in advertising, seat covers also offer solutions for crowd control. For stadiums that are currently accommodating in-person fans, it’s important to keep guests in their assigned seats. Especially if capacity has been somewhat limited, there’s most likely “room to roam” throughout the stands. Seat covers help address this issue, preventing guests from wandering beyond a designated fan section.

Additionally, these banners help protect equipment and keep areas clean. Not only does this save time on housekeeping after the event has concluded, but it also minimizes the need to disinfect or sanitize a large portion of the venue. 




To begin, our expert installation team conducts preliminary site surveys, provides material and production recommendations, and diagrams every aspect of the seating arrangement. Our seat covers can be manufactured using a variety of different materials, including durable vinyl mesh as well as poly fabric mesh. 

Several factors go into selecting the right materials for a seat cover installation, from the customers’ budget to the life expectancy of the project, indoor versus outdoor use, and the overall size and scope of the installation. 

After materials have been selected, our creative team builds all templates for artwork placement. After proofing, A3 Visual prints and finishes each cover. Our printing process allows for a variety of different applications, including UV-curable inks and high-resolution dye sublimation. 

All of our seat covers are designed to have a matte finish, intentionally minimizing glare from sunlight or artificial venue lighting. This reduces potentially distracting or harmful light for the players as well as the media broadcast. 

Following the seat covers’ manufacturing process, banners are staged for install. This final step is tailored to each venue, using site-specific equipment and tie-down materials to ensure a quality, wrinkle-free finish that sponsors and teams will be proud to display.