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February 12, 2021 2 min read

Three Types of Installations for Corporate Campuses and Office Spaces

Following a year that was anything but “normal,” companies and corporate campuses are working hard to get back to business. Industry professionals, employees, and even students are eager to return to in-person experiences. And as reopening procedures start to take shape across the country, it’s time to revitalize these campuses and complexes with unique and custom installations. 

Here are three ways to transform your office spaces and universities with A3 Visual.



Thousands of students and working professionals are in the midst of returning to their respective campuses. And as classes and activities start back up again, campuses are looking for ways to add school pride and excitement to their common areas. Pole banners are the perfect solution. Not only do these durable, high-quality banners offer the flexibility of a dispersed installation, but they can be easily branded to match an institution or business. For recurring events or ongoing promotions, these banners can be easily removed and stowed away for future use. 

Pole banner campaigns can also be a solution for large-scale corporate complexes, hospitals, and medical campuses. Walkways with heavy pedestrian traffic at locations such as medical campuses and corporate hubs lend themselves to the high-visibility and low-maintenance nature of A3 Visual pole banners.



We pride ourselves on creating custom graphics and installations suitable for every venue or occasion. Whether it’s a reception desk, an escalator wrap, or somewhere in between, our team will work with each client to design and install custom graphics fabricated specifically for each location or placement. For conferences and corporate events, our branded backdrops and entrance banners are perfect for highlighting keynote speakers and products. Main entrances or gateways offer the perfect canvas for window and door decals, which can easily be removed and replaced once an event has finished. 

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As more and more businesses get back to work, many need to adjust their office spaces and indoor configurations to help protect their guests and staff. From temporary structures and safety dividers to new entrance signs and check-in desks, there are a number of ways to safely welcome back your team. 

Especially for shared spaces like cafeterias, lounges, and conference rooms, it’s important to create a positive environment that also serves to protect your staff. We believe that these spaces should still feel creative and inviting. From wall decals and floor graphics to fabric banners and even custom-printed carpet, our in-house design team can capture your brand’s message and vision, and help transform your existing workspaces. 

Looking to update your corporate campus or offices with custom graphic installations? Call A3 Visual for a free quote today.