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March 25, 2021 2 min read

Transforming the Los Angeles Coliseum for the LA Giltinis

One of the newest Major League Rugby teams, the LA Giltinis, has officially made its debut on the professional sports stage. And with 2021 marking the start of their very first season, the team has been settling in nicely to their new home at the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 

In preparation for the team’s first match earlier this month, our team designed, printed, and installed thousands of square feet of durable outdoor vinyl, banners, and decals. We made sure to match the bright, fun colors of the new team’s branding, featuring a classic LA color palette of soft pink and blue hues. 

Here’s a closer look at our stadium-wide installation for the LA Giltinis.  


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of today’s biggest teams and franchises. Over the years, our team has spent hundreds of hours at the LA Coliseum, and we’ve come to know the property inside and out. 

From collegiate sports teams to professional leagues, special events, concerts, and more, we’ve created a number of larger-than-life installations that have been hosted at the historic sports stadium. So when the LA Giltinis franchise was announced earlier last year, we were eager and excited to welcome the team to Los Angeles.


In order to fully outfit the Coliseum, this activation featured an array of graphics in high-visibility locations.   

Surrounding the field, fans will first see a number of branded sponsorship wall banners and team logos, each printed on outdoor vinyl and installed on a double keder track affixed to the field walls. This system allows for quick installations & removals, and for a multi-use venue like the LA Coliseum, swapping graphics between events is a frequent occurrence.  With the league’s growing broadcast television coverage, these graphics are also designed to maximize contrast and readability for those fans who are not in attendance. 

Finally, large vinyl banners were produced for the field tunnel. Embracing the pink and blue colors of the new team’s branding, these banners featured supergraphic-style logos as well as the Giltinis name.


Especially for warmer climates like Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon for sports stadiums and arenas to be completely outdoors. The Coliseum is exposed to a variety of weather conditions, but on most days that means Southern California’s unwavering UV rays.

These durable outdoor graphics are designed to withstand a wide range of climates, as well as the regular wear and tear that comes with high-contact sports. From everyday bumps and scuffs to prolonged sun exposure, these graphics could last well past the team’s inaugural season. 

Want a closer look at our activation? View the full photo gallery below.